Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eye Opener..

Today I have felt so sick since breakfast. I was finally able to fall back asleep at 11:15ish...about 11:45a.m. I hear alarms going off and the nurses frantic and shouting orders. Equipment is being wheeled around, doors slamming, Drs. rushing down the hall, the lady in the room next to me screaming...She was sent up from the ER earlier today because of preterm labor. She was 28 weeks along. You could hear the fear in her voice more than pain. The drs. finally got her sedated and sent her down to the OR for an emergency C-Section. I haven't heard from my nurse how things are going. I just can't help but to feel her panic. No one told her that this was going to happen. I already know that my twins are going to be delivered very premature. I have had time to prepare, I thought. But my reaction to her plight has made me realize that I am not. How do you mentally get ready for what is going to be an emergency...I know the delivery is going to be an emergency just like the lady next door. Lots of chaos, no time for family to show up. It's safe to say I am at just not ready. I hope the lady next door and baby are doing very well. When all settles down I'm going downstairs to the NICU and hopefully her baby will be there, thriving.

Apparently the lady was a very very large lady 320+lbs...I only say that because when she came in for labor pains the nurses couldn't find a fetal heartrate and didn't think anything of it because of her size. So they ordered and ultrasound...before the u/s machine got here, she went to the bathroom and felt the baby's head. Here is when the chaos started. By the time everyone got here she had delivered. Right in the room next to me....The baby was dead. Had been dead for 2 or more weeks. She said she had NEVER felt him move. This just raises more questions...Did it not occur to her to something was wrong if she never had any fetal movement...Why did it take her more than 24 hours to go to the hospital when she was in labor...UGH!

I just got done with my ultrasound...the girls are growing just like they should be. Baby A is 2 lbs Baby B is 2.2 lbs. They both are long armed, legged, and have big feet. LoL The Dr. was very happy with their progress. If he is happy then I am happy.


Lyndsi said...

I am so glad to hear they are doing well!! Jeremy and I thought about you when were in Pasadena last weekend. I am sorry that you don't get to spend Christmas at home with your husband and puppies. I guess it is worth it for your first Christmas with the girls next year =) Merry Christmas!!

Jen Baker said...

HOLY cow on the 320 lb lady! I can't believe she didn't go to the hospital sooner. That's so sad the baby passed. :(

I am SO happy to hear your girls are doing just fine. It sounds like all is well and I will pray it stays that way. :)

As much as possible, have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Jackie and Andy said...

Not sure what to say about the lady who lost her baby. Because I obsessively watch medical shows, I have seen a few about women who have no clue they are pregnant...strange enough, they don't gain a pound during pregnancy, have no morning sickness, feel no kicks, and have sporadic menstrual cycles...every pregnanyc was different. Casey was not much fo a kicker and not even once at night time.

There is no real preparation for birth...I went through all these damned lamaze classes and sure enough had everything happen that they lamaze lady said would NOT happen...preeclampsia, induction, cord caught around her throat, emergency c-section.

I survived...

TuTu Cute said...

Hi Stacy...
Please know that although my intentions were glowing... I've had a few "surprises" this month!
I am sorry I have not been there to see you... or to bring you "stuff"... but I do pray for you and wish you comfort and patience! I go to have a colonoscopy on Monday... Yippee!
Be glad you don't have to do that for a LONG time! Being OLD is Hell! I WILL call you... I promise!
Take care of those precious little girls... all of this will be worth the wait! Deah