Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 1 complete!

I just finished my first day in inpatient. I am doing fetal heartrate monitoring 3x's daily. Today baby B had a short decel in heartrate. The nurse said it was normal because she was rolling around so much she probably sat her fat butt on her own cord for a moment. The nurse was not worried so I am not :) not yet anyways. She said that even singletons will sit on their cords.

It is kind of a dreary day today. I woke up from my nap to the sound of rain tapping on my fourth floor window. Most people would find it depressing, I love the rain. I just wish I could go downstairs. Tomorrow it's supposed to be cold. I will sneak outside if only for a moment or two.
Besides my ass is sore...I need to walk around.

Todays Menu:
Reconstituted Egg stuff, Sausage thing, Potatoes, and cream of wheat. Thankfully the nurses keep cereal and bread on hand.

Pasta primavera, Peas, Corn, soggy bread, and piece of cake

Beef Tips and Noodles, veggies, broccoli, and more soggy bread.

Hopefully tomorrows food will be better :)

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