Sunday, December 21, 2008

Almost 3 weeks...

Well with my third week coming to an end soon. My mind has officially turned to mush. I have to read my books with a dictionary at hand. Embarrassing, but whatever!

The girls have found a new source of enjoyment....bladder hockey. Before they would just push on it. Now they have quite a bit of strength and kick, punch, or headbutt it. Fun for them, not so much for me. Occasionally they put their foot directly behind my belly button and push. It's creepy. They can invert it with every kick.

Ok, I am waiting on Dustin to get here...We are supposed to take a tour of NICU...sigh.


Jackie and Andy said...

Casey wasn't much of a kicker at all...sometimes I would have to drink a glass of ice water just to make sure she was moving around!

At least this way, they let you know they are there and are ready to drive you bonkers when they are on the outside!

Jackie and Andy said...

Casey and I may come visit you...if you need visitors. Shoot me your phone number: