Wednesday, December 31, 2008

7 months- happy new year.

Well much to our delight, after a rough weekend, we made it to the seven month mark. A fantastic milestone considering we were given a 50/50 chance for survival before we even made it out the first trimester. At this point viability outside the womb has been achieved (well 90% viablity) and long term issues start to diminish rapidly from this point on. We are aiming for 30 weeks...scary that's only two weeks away. The drs. obviously want to go 32-34, but will be satisfied with 30. Who knows what tomorrow holds...hopefully nothing.

I hope everyone has a happy and more importantly safe new year!! I will be here with my sparkeling grape juice, funny party hats, and hopefully a clear view to the east so I can see Kemah's fireworks display :)

P.S. I had to delete the last post...Waaaay to depressing. We will call that a hormonal moment...i am allowed to have those, right?

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Jackie and Andy said...

Happy New Year!!!

I hope your babies are partying it up all night! They better be getting cozy...they need to bake another couple of weeks!