Monday, December 15, 2008

2 weeks

My reasons I think my hospital stay is preparing me to be a parent-
1. I have not slept more than one consecutive hour since being exaggeration.
2. I have to wait until it's convenient for everyone else before I take a shower.
3. My best attempts to set up a daily schedule are often thwarted before 8a.m.
4. I have to go make my potty breaks super quick...Never know when a nurse, food services, doctor, technician, cleaning lady, students, etc. are going to come in. I have a door to my bathroom, but they insist on talking to me while I am trying to go.
5. I spend my days making empty threats to the girls. "You need to behave while on the monitor....or else"
6. I went downstairs and got chick-fil-a for lunch...and it's still sitting here two hours later. Something keeps coming up. Thank god for microwaves. Of course this "something" could have waited....
7. I have to keep repeating freaking annoying.

Anywho...someone should be in here shortly to ask me something that they could have just got off my chart.


Lyndsi said...

I think you are totally right! That is an awesome list =) I hope you are doing well.

SchulzVance said...

Sounds like you are definately being prepped for parenthood. You may as well get used to talking to people through the bathroom door, too, from what I hear.

DeahLC said...

Hi Stacy...
I am so sorry I have not yet been up there. My intentions were good... and there are so many things going on here...getting ready for Christmas and time off.
I read your blog, and hope all is well. I PROMISE to come soon... and bring you a pecan pie!
Call me if there is anything else or email me... We miss you at school, and are anxious to hear your updates!

Take care...