Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Iris and Maya are here!!

Iris and Maya are here!! Monday, January 5th at 4:45 and 4:46 they were born. They are just so beautiful. Dustin and I (and grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles) are just so proud of them. When they get unhooked from all the machines we will post pictures! Right now it's hard to see past all that and see how pretty they are.

Iris came first, crying instantly. She has been holding about as steady as can be expected for being born at 29 weeks. She has been intibated, and slowly being weened off that.

Then came Maya. She didn't cry right away, but was breathing on her own for a while longer than Iris. She has had a few ups and downs. She still needs a little more assistance breathing and is having a harder time keeping her blood pressure up. All things that are to be expected from preemies. Maya is going to give the nurses hell!

To see them in person is amazing. Dustin and I are ready to take them home now. Unfortunately it's going to be a rollarcoaster next two and a half months! For now I am packing up my room. Tomorrow I should be able to go home for the first time in over a month.


Lyndsi said...

I can't wait to see a picture of the girls!! I hope you can get some good rest for the first time in awhile now that you are back at home. I'm sure all the critters will be happy to see you =). I know your heart will still be at the hospital though.

Jackie and Andy said...

Holy Cow!!!

I was wondering why I had nbot heard from you!!!

Congrats times 2 mom!!

If you send their stats I will send out an e-mail at work!

Jackie and Andy said...

Please tell me how you and the babies are doing!!! I hope everything is going well!